The smell of Spring 2013 RTW…

I spent the majority of the past week at work greedily watching NYFW live blogs on my laptop while sucking down cups of coffee and pretending like I was actually front row at all the big name shows with my Celine luggage tote and Isabel Marant sneaker wedges (paired fabulously with a graphic pullover and creme culottes).

One day… one day that will be my reality. Until then, some of my favorite looks from the past week (now that most of the bigger names are done with their runway shows):

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2013 RTW : The lines, the pleating, the structure! Oscar knows how to flatter a woman’s body and to me, this is the epitome of sexy. Fitted and tailored to perfection and it’s not only classy, it has that aura of strong sexiness too. Pretty perfect. I especially dig the one button and crisp, wide lapels.

Phillip Lim 3.1 Spring 2013 RTW: This is how I would like to be dressed pretty much every day of my life. Printed/patterned/embellished pencil skirt, easy graphic/plain tee, dynamic cut coat or cardigan and ankle booties. This look has this easy comfort and element of “F you, pretentious assholes. I do what I want,” vibe that I love.

Jason Wu Spring 2013 RTW: My love for Jason Wu seriously knows no bounds. I really like the cut of your jib Jason Wu. Thank you, for fearlessly pairing feminine and girly fabrics with structure and purpose and a little bit of hard edged accessories. Super obsessed with those shoes. I NEED THEM.

Boy by Band of Outsiders Collection Spring 2013 RTW: This look is the definition of transition from summer to fall in Southern California; which may explain why I love this so hard. I’ve also got this terrible crush on olive/army green jackets and this one especially tickles my fancy because it’s both boxy and structured with the potential to be worn with some casual sloppiness. I am a sucker for juxtaposition. I’m also really feeling the crochet-y dress and lace up sandals.

Rachel Zoe Spring 2013 RTW: Okay Rachel Zoe, I die. Is that what you wanted to hear? Seriously though, this outfit makes me yearn for model like proportions. I covet this look, based solely on my desire to one day be model thin and 6’1. Pared down to realistic standards though, I can probably recreate this look with white skinnies… Insanely love the gold tassel like jewelry.

I basically picked the five looks that really are ready to wear and can be astutely recreated for my own closet.

In the next edition, I will exclusively talk trash about the top five  most terribly offensive looks from fashion week.

Now to mourn the end of the weekend…

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